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International Journal of Engineering Works

Editor-In-Chief: Prof. Jiang Qirong, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, Email: moc.rehsilbupwk|gnaijrq#moc.rehsilbupwk|gnaijrq, Tel: +86-10-62773125, Fax: +86-10-627815277

ISSN: 2409-2770 (Online)
ZDB-Number: 280226-7

International journal of engineering works aims to give its contribution in state-of-the art research studies & activities in advance innovation and engineering science areas, which cover topics in a wide range of science and technology with the latest outstanding research & developments but not limited to. The accepted papers will be supervised double peer review process method contacted under the editorial board reviewers. The journal system primarily aims to bring out the scientific research endowment from academia, engineers, practitioners, research scholars, bachelor, Master, PhD students of engineering and science.

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Topics Covered

Advance Energy
Automobile Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Agriculture Engineering
Agricultural Water-Soil Engineering
Agricultural, Biological Environmental & Energy Engineering
Agricultural Electrification and Automation
Applied Science
Applied Engineering
Applied Computer Technology
Applied Computer Science
Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace Propulsion Theory and Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering
Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
Building Services Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Biological Engineering
Biomolecular Engineering
Bio-Environmental Engineering
Control Theory and Control Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering Material
Computational mathematics
Chemical Engineering
Ceramic Engineering
Crystal Engineering
Chemistry Engineering and Technology
Computer Engineering
Computer Science
Computer Software & theory
Communication and Transportation Engineering
Drilling Engineering
Engineering Sciences
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Manufacture and its Automation
Electronic Engineering
Electronic Science and Technology
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Electronic & information Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Thermophysics
Groundwater Science and Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Geological Engineering
Geodesy and Survey Engineering
Highway Engineering
Hydraulic Structure Engineering
Hydropower Engineering
Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering
Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Engineering
Management Science and Engineering
Military Engineering
Metallurgical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical design & theory
Mechanical Manufacture and its Automation
Municipal Engineering
Material Engineering
Material Science and Engineering
Material Processing Engineering
Metal Materials and Engineering
Marine Engine Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Manufacturing Engineering of Aerospace Vehicle
Manufacturing Engineering
Maintainess Engineering
Marketing & development Engineering
Navel Engineering
Navel Architectural Engineering
Nuclear Energy Engineering and Technology
Nuclear Science Engineering
Foundation Engineering
Fluid Machinery and Engineering
Textile Engineering
Transportation Engineering
Telecommunications Engineering
Thermal Energy and Power Engineering
Traffic Information Engineering & Control
Tunnel & Bridge Engineering
Road & Railway Engineering
Software Engineering
Structural Engineering
Systems Engineering
Shipbuilding Engineering
Sales & Marketing Engineering
Refinery Engineering
Resettlement Science and Engineering
Physics Science
Physical Training Engineering
Power Engineering
Power System & Automation
Power Electronics
Plastic Engineering
Process Engineering
Paper Engineering
Pattern Identification and Intelligent Systems
Prevention and Control of Engineering Disasters and Protection Engineering
Protected Agricultural Science and Engineering
Plasma Enginering
Polymer Engineering
Plasma & Nuclear Engineering
Photonic Science Engineering
Image processing
Information & Communication Engineering
Integrated Circuit Engineering
Instrument and Meter Engineering
Optical Engineering
Operation Research
Oil & water Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Oil & Petroleum Engineering
Food Engineering Technology
Fluid Science Engineering
Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering
Food Engineering
Nano Technology
Urban Water Engineering
Urban Planning Engineering
Vehicle Engineering
Water Engineering
Wind Energy and Power Engineering
Water Supply and Sewerage Engineering
Welding Engineering
Wind Power Engineering

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